Why you should consider car sound deadening


Cars have had massive technological improvements over the years and they have drastically increased riding experience tremendously. A lot of these changes are invisible to the average consumer but have a huge impact nonetheless. One of these is car insulation and the subsequent introduction of sound deadeners, like these from But what are they and what do they do?

What is car sound deadening

Sound Deadeners or Constraint-Layer Dampening (CLD) is a type of butyl-based flexible sheet that is used to dampen noise inside vehicles. They have a layer of aluminum on one side and a sticky adhesive side that is used to adhere the material to the metal panels. CLDs are a popular sound dampening solution for enthusiasts as they are durable, cost-effective and easy to install.

Before sound deadeners became available, bitumen sheets were used as sound absorbers. However, they were not very durable as they tend to stiffen and become brittle over time. They were a challenge to install to as they needed heat to adhere⁠—which releases harmful fumes⁠—and were limited to flat surfaces.

How does it work?

Sound is produced by materials that vibrate. These vibrations then produce sound waves that get transferred to your ear through the air. As the car is running, some parts can vibrate a little which gets amplified by the metal frame and wall. Add to this the closed space of the inside of a car and you get a very uncomfortable ride.

Sound deadeners⁠—like the ones from⁠—add thickness and padding to the metal frame to absorb these tiny vibrations. The added thickness also stops the metal sheets from vibrating themselves due to the added structure. This leads to a quieter interior which can drastically improve your riding experience.

What are the benefits of sound deadeners?

Sound deadeners is a game-changer when it hit the shelves. They offered a few key benefits that their predecessor lacked. Here are some of them.

Improved sound quality

Avid car audio enthusiasts rave about how their setup drastically improved after installing CLDs. The sound absorption and anti-vibration properties prevent the metal sheets and any loose parts from resonating which results in that “tin can” effect. The sound becomes clearer and not rattling noise making for a premium experience.

Reduce rattling

The elimination of minute vibrations and rattling makes the car feel more solid and premium that it actually is. The car is quieter which gives off that premium luxury experience that you get from much more expensive vehicles.

Minimizes road noise

The wheels hitting the road as you drive in itself produce droning noise that gets transferred into the car interior when no sound insulation is used. This quite loud drone makes conversations and phone calls quite uncomfortable as you need to talk louder in order to hear each other. The noise can also induce jet-lag like effects in the body which why you feel tired after a long road trip. Sound deadeners are great at absorbing this noise which makes for better riding experience.

Whether you want to give your car audio a massive boost in sound quality or you just want to have quieter riding experience, sound deadeners⁠—like those from⁠—got you covered.

Things to Evaluate When Buying a Used Mitsubishi Vehicle


There are certain simple unwritten rules that you need to adhere to when it comes to buying a new or used Mitsubishi vehicle. You don’t really have to be an expert in order to correctly assess whether a particular Mitsubishi Brisbane vehicle deal that you are planning to purchase will be the most appropriate for you. You can develop a simple shopping checklist that will help you determine whether your vehicle is the best option. Here are the simple tips that you can put into consideration:

The Chassis

The Chassis should be one of the main items on your checklist. It is always important to buy a car with a chassis that is in perfect condition. Not only does it enhance the appearance of the vehicle, it also serves an important safety function. Ensure there is no noticeable corrosion in the Chassis of the car. Inspect it to ensure there is no rust or signs of scratches. If the Chassis is not in the best condition, then it is advisable to explore other vehicle purchase options as repairing the chassis will mean incurring additional high costs.

The motor

Take a good look at the engine room of the vehicle. Is it well kept? If the engine room has been well maintained in the vehicle, then you can certainly expect that the motor will also be in perfect condition. Of course this will not be a consideration if you are purchasing a new vehicle from a Mitsubishi Brisbane dealer but if you are purchasing a used vehicle such as a used Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane vehicle, then this is something that you must closely factor in.

It is important to open the Bonnet of the vehicle and start the vehicle so that you can take a listen at the noises made by the engine. Listen to ensure there are no strange or funny noises. When the vehicle has been revved, take a look at the engine to ensure that it is running smoothly and correctly. Look around to see if there are any signs of leaking oil. Does the timing clock look ok? Has it been replaced recently?

Mitsubishi Brisbane


This will be another important consideration when you are planning to purchase a used Mitsubishi Brisbane vehicle. If the vehicle is making use of a manual gearbox, push the clutch in order to test all the five gears as well as the reverse gear.

Some of the issues that you will be checking on the gearbox system include the presence of “sticking” when you are trying to operate the gearbox. If the vehicle is a 4WD, test it out on the rough grounds in order to ensure there are no issues with the operation.

Test drive it

Take the vehicle out on a test drive in order to determine the smoothness of the operation. You will need to pay particular attention to the ease with which you can change the gears as well as the power of the engine.

Remember this will be your car and you will be using your hard earned cash so it is important to deliberate carefully when you are planning to buy a used vehicle. You do not want to pump your hard earned cash down the drain. Most importantly, ensure that you purchase your Mitsubishi vehicle from used car dealers Brisbane establishments.

Top reasons why you should only buy from authorised Ford dealerships


Sure enough, you will find Ford vehicles (used and new) in many dealerships in Queensland. However, some of these dealers might not be authorised by the manufacturers to sell cars. Therefore, if you buy vehicles from them, you might be missing the many benefits of purchasing from authorised Gold Coast or Brisbane Ford dealers, instead.

brisbane ford dealers

Now, what are these perks in particular?

1. Certified programmes

Typically, Ford Brisbane dealers have programmes in place, especially for their used cars. This is to make sure their customers are buying only the best-quality units.

Under this programme, which is certified by the manufacturer themselves, you will be assured transparency and convenience in buying your unit. A qualified technician checks each of the vehicles to ensure they are in top condition.

These programmes even include good warranties and free services for a certain period of time.

2. Professional car service and maintenance

If you are purchasing from authorised Ford dealers Gold Coast has today, you are also ensured of car servicing and maintenance done by the experts. That means that they will appropriately address any problem, from the smallest to the more serious ones.

3. Hassle-free buying process

Buying the Ford used cars Brisbane dealerships are offering will guarantee you a hassle-free paperwork process. The sales personnel will guide you every step of the way until the transfer of ownership without any delay.

Unlike buying from an individual, you will not be doing everything on your own. You will avoid committing mistakes, especially if you are not familiar with the car-buying process.

4. Help in getting insurance

Getting insurance for a vehicle can be difficult, especially when you are buying a used unit. However, with an authorised dealer, the process should be a breeze.

In authorised dealerships, they already have insurance services on all the units they are selling. Goes without saying, you will have the perfect insurance policy for whatever model you are purchasing.

5. Legitimate deals and prices

Make no mistake, some dealerships out there are run by shady individuals who would try to rip you off your hard-earned money by overpricing the units.

Unlike when you buy from authorised Brisbane Ford dealers, you are assured that their units are fairly priced. You can even make negotiations on your favour. You can research on the manufacturer’s original price and use the information to come up with the deal that will be a win-win for both you and the dealership.

Buy your next vehicle from Scenic Motors

The larger the expense is, the higher the risk you have. And, when it comes to buying a vehicle, you are surely in for a huge risk. It is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life, after all. That is why you should buy your Ford only from an authorised dealer.

On that note, you can check out Scenic Motors. They are one of the most reliable Brisbane Ford dealers with a huge collection of makes and models that you can choose from. Aside from selling vehicles, they also offer genuine parts and expert servicing.

Discover what they can do for you at

Quick yet vital tips in buying a used Kia car in Brisbane


Buying a used Kia automobile in Brisbane can be quite a task. You want the best unit without spending too much on brand new cars. Fortunately, there are a lot of used Kia models available today, such as a used KIA Stinger Brisbane can dealerships offer.

kia stinger brisbane

However, you need to know how to buy a used Kia car in the city. It helps you make sure of having a good unit in good condition. It can guide you through some legal responsibilities and reminders as well. Thus, helping you avoid unnecessary hassles throughout or even after the transaction.

What to remember before, during and after buying used Kia car in Brisbane

Are you ready to shop for a used Kia automobile? Here’s a quick guide of the basic steps to remember:

Before buying a Kia car

1. Search about the best KIA models available in Brisbane and draft a list of possible choices. Consider their specifications, features and cost. Make sure to consider options that can satisfy your needs or wants. For example, know if you need a large SUV type vehicle, or if you want a 4-wheel drive model.

2. Next, prepare your budget. Be sure to be realistic about it. If you want a used KIA Carnival, check used Kia Carnival for sale Brisbane has today. That can help you have some idea about its market cost, and keep some cash for other expenses.

3. Know the insurance cost of specific Kia models you consider. Ask for some quotes after having a list of Kia model options.

4. Know the Queensland regulation about buying and owning a car. This helps you avoid any violations that can result in serious penalties.

5. Finally, remember to find a reliable dealership in Brisbane and avoid private or auction sale. Queensland regulation guarantees beneficial rights for used car buyers. For example, it mandates a statutory warranty for used cars on specific conditions. It also assures you of buying cars with a clean title.

While buying a Kia car

1. Look for your options in reputable Brisbane Kia dealerships. Choose a dealer that offers quality used cars. On a side note, choose a dealership that has Kia spare parts Brisbane can offer. That can help you have an accredited source of genuine parts when necessary.

2. While eyeing a particular unit, be sure to inspect it thoroughly. Check its external features, the cabin, under the chassis, its wheels and beneath the hood. Be sure there’s no major problem with the unit. However, if you’re not confident to do it by yourself, you can hire a reliable motor inspector to do so.

3. Ask for the history or background of a particular unit. Reliable Kia dealers can offer it to you on a paper to read conveniently. If you want a Kia stinger, for example, a Kia Stinger Brisbane dealer can show its registration and insurance. They can tell you about its background about accident, finance disputes, and how many previous owners it has.

4. Be sure to test drive the car. If you’re in a dealership, you won’t have any problems in bringing the car out for it. In fact, Queensland regulation mandates the cooling-off period. That’s when you can drive-off the car and check if you will buy it or not.

After buying a Kia car

1. Right after buying the Kia car, be sure to arrange its insurance immediately. Thus, it’s important to know the insurance cost of particular models. A Kia Stinger Brisbane unit probably has a different insurance cost from a Kia Picanto or Cerato.

2. Finally, transfer the registration of the used Kia car to your name. That’s when you officially own a Kia automobile!

These are the important points you should know about buying a used car in Brisbane. Keep these points in mind, so you can purchase without regrets. And if you’re looking for a reliable Kia dealership, check out They offer quality used cars along with other Kia automobiles. They offer Kia Picanto specials, Kia Cerato demos and brand new Kia Stingers for you.

Common car maintenance mistakes you might be making


Australians consider cars as one of their most important assets for their day-to-day living. Thus, it’s important to keep it in its best shape at all times. Anyone who owns and drives a vehicle should know basic car maintenance that they can do by themselves. If you own a Citroen car, will you Google ‘Citroen car service near me’ every time your car faces an issue? While this is important for serious car problems, there are maintenance tasks that you can do on your own. However, you should still keep in mind that what you know about car maintenance might not be the correct method.

citroen car service near me

Could you be committing some of these common car maintenance mistakes? Check it out below:

Forgetting to check the tire pressure

Sure, you have a spare tyre in your trunk and a tyre jack in your toolbox. That should keep you safe in case you get a flat tyre, right? Not really.

Checking the tyre pressure is something that most car owners tend to overlook. And, it’s not just about preventing flat tyres, but also reducing potential vehicular accidents due to under or over-inflated tires. You can buy a tyre pressure gauge at a hardware or auto shop so you can check it from time to time. If it needs to be inflated, then you can Google ‘Citroen car service near me’.

Not changing the brakes

One of the most expensive car maintenance tasks that you must do is changing the brake pads. Some vehicle owners will ignore brake inspection and continue using the same brake pads, not knowing that it could be extremely worn down. Don’t wait until you hear squeaking noises in your brakes before you Google ‘Citroen car service near me’. Make it a habit to inspect your brakes periodically.

Leaving old windshield wipers

Another car part that most car owners disregard are the windshield wipers. These parts are inexpensive and easy to replace, so don’t forget to inspect them as well. If you leave old windshield wipers until they are worn out, it could wipe off debris inefficiently.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, some Citroen services offer free windshield wiper replacement whenever you bring your car in to be serviced. Choose a service centre with plenty of service specials that you can avail so you can save up on car maintenance.

Ignoring the Check Engine light

That indicator light is there for a reason. It tells you that something is wrong with your car and you have to have it checked immediately. Most car owners will ignore this indicator, thinking that it’s nothing major. The truth is, by ignoring to check the engine, you could be worsening the problem. Once this indicator is blinking, take your car to the nearest Citroen service site ASAP.

Skipping oil changes

Oil change isn’t a frequent maintenance routine, but some vehicle owners still forget to put it on their to-do lists. If your car doesn’t have an oil indicator, then you should really be taking down mental notes of your next oil change. Skipping this routine will damage your car in the long run.

Whether you have a used or new car, maintenance can be expensive especially when it is neglected. For the best Citroen service parts, used and new car deals, and other service specials, visit Brisbane City Citroen. See more at

Windscreen repair in Carlisle and Birmingham: Signs yours need one


How do you know if your windshield is in need of a windscreen repair Carlisle has today?

If you drive with a threatened HGV windshield, you would absolutely be positioning yourself in jeopardy of harms, as well.

Therefore, your HGV windscreen is a crucial element of your automobile.

Your HGV windscreen assists in securing you from the wind, rains, dust, as well as fragments such as little rocks. More importantly, it preserves the structural security of the auto.

Here are signs your windshield needs an effective windscreen repair Carlisle experts can do.

1. It reveals a white haze at its edges.

Windshields are treated with a unique plastic for your protection. In a way, this product causes the windscreen to break into tiny, rounded components during crashes. Consequently, the damaged things will certainly not influence you or other people close by.

When you locate a white haze along the sides of your windshield, this requires that the item is starting to divide from the glass.

While it could appear risk-free at first, it’s far better to get in touch with a carrier of the best windscreen replacement Birmingham and Carlisle residents trust.

2. It has something missing.

As apparent as it may appear, this is still worth mentioning. Sometimes, you would absolutely not see your windshield having some missing elements along its sides.

For instance, its weather strip may have been damaged or it may have dropped. Indeed, this jeopardizes the integrity of your windshield. If this applies, look for a repair work professional ASAP.

3. It has some minor chips, scrapes, or splits.

When driving, it is crucial to be able to see the road and also everything around you. Nevertheless, the tiniest of chips, scrapes, or splits can still damage such visibility.

Remember that it just takes a few seconds to see as well as respond to something while when driving. Furthermore, a hazy HGV windscreen will certainly trigger you to stop briefly, which can be ruining. Check it out at

So, do not forget small chips, scuffs, and also divides. You should get a windscreen repair Carlisle shops can do to your windscreen immediately!

4. It has inner damages.

Along with external chips as well as divides, your HGV windshield might additionally be hurt by something inside your vehicle.

One method to establish this type of damage is running your fingers along the glass from the within. In this manner, you will have the capacity to feel raised edges.

5. It shows evidence of matching.

If you normally drive down particular roadways with lots of debris, after that your windshield might be prone to matching, which are defects that spread mirrored light.

You will certainly see these indications largely at dawn or sundown. If your windscreen has these, then you require calling specialists in Birmingham windscreen repairs right away.

Currently, are you discovering that your HGV windscreen has one or a number of the problems explained above? If you do, after that it has to do with time for you to speak to a windscreen technician.

On that particular note, you can go to for the most reliable windscreen repairs Birmingham and Carlisle have to offer.

Important tips to follow if you’re buying a used car for the first time


Your Mitsubishi or Ford is too priceless to be entrusted to unstable fixing solutions; hence, you ought to find the most reputable Brisbane auto service near your area.

The sad thing is that it’s hard to find a reliable facility, specifically with all the centres asserting that they are the most suitable for you. Thus, you must recognize exactly how to find a dependable service facility where you can entrust your automobile.

brisbane auto service

How to search for the most effective service centre

To discover a reliable service centre, here are a couple of tips you can take note:

  1. Ask other people and then make a selection

You can begin by preparing a checklist of the most effective Mitsubishi car service centres in your neighbourhood. You can ask around your close friends for some referrals or do a Google search for the leading car services around.

  1. Narrow down your choices

Right after writing a list, observe which among them has the greatest mentions of favourable feedback from patrons.

Certainly, the most trusted Ford service Brisbane clients love will also have plenty of great testimonials. Such customers can spread their great experiences through word of mouth or by creating online overviews.

  1. Look for authorized centres

Soon after creating a shorter checklist of the excellent carriers, know which among them is certified by Mitsubishi and Ford.

This is not about lawful records, documents, as well as licenses to run their company—it is also about being accredited by Mitsubishi and Ford, too. Check it out at Brisbane City Automotive

This can ensure that a Brisbane auto service technician has adequate knowledge in handling your priceless vehicle.

  1. Complete equipment and authentic spare parts

In addition to having the best technicians in their group, the most effective centres have complete instruments and authentic parts for the upkeep jobs. This means you do not have to stress over fake or poor quality accessories being set up. In addition, you don’t need to search elsewhere for genuine parts.

This can help you to make certain that the Brisbane auto service centre can repair your car or truck. It is even more probable that they will make certain it will receive the accurate set of tune-ups, so you can drive without acquiring any issues.

  1. Search for the best deals

Of course, do not overlook to find the most effective deals you can get. This ought to include practical price rates for the solution, for the real parts of your automobile, and also has excellent guarantee plans too.

Apart from having your automobile back on the road with high-quality support services, you can additionally bring your Mitsubishi or Ford when it shows the same trouble within the warranty period.

Final words

Take note of these guidelines to discover the best Mitsubishi or Ford service centre near you. This way, you will reap superior outcomes for your valuable auto.

Now, you may be wondering: “Where can I find a reliable Mitsubishi or Ford vehicle service near me?”. If that is the case, then you have to check out Brisbane City Automotive.