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Different Stockroom Storage Systems to Pick From

For stockroom storage, pallet racking or selective pallet racking is the most common and popular because it is versatile and offers countless alternatives. And if Colby pallet racking is used, the storage space system becomes even more remarkable.


colby pallet racking




Nevertheless, the Australian Colby pallet racking not only satisfies the Australian standards AS 4084-2012, but exceeds them. Every brand-new shelf provided comes with architectural design certificates that act as an assurance to the quality of a pallet rack system.


But pallet racking is just one of the warehouse storage choices available to you. You could select amongst 5 types, depending on a number of factors.


Pallet Racking


This is a system that uses heavy pallets of different dimensions and depth and set upright. A Colby pallet racking in Australia, for example, can be made of approximately 12 metres. The depth, on the other hand, differs from 400 to 1370, with 840 millimetres (mm) as the common dimension.


Pallet racking has 13 major kinds, including cantilever racking, drive-in racking, drive-through racking, high-bay racking, shuttle racking, as well as vertical racking.




With this storage facility storage system, stocks remain on fixed shelves just like things in shops. This is why it is best used for storage of light products. This is especially due to the fact that you cannot use a forklift with a shelving system.


Short-span shelving and long-span shelving are two types of static shelves. Between a Colby pallet racking and Colby long span shelving, the latter is a lighter choice.


Mobile Shelving


This works just like a shelving storage space system, but the racks are fitted with a traction system that allows you to move the shelves on level tracks. This is ideal for archiving and for use in rear locations of a retail shop.


The shelves are built with a locking device to keep them from moving when not in use. Choose between a manual and mechanical mobile shelving.


Multi-Tier Racking


Multi-tier racking is the perfect option when you have ample vertical space. Accessing supplies can be done using of scissor lifts or via a system of mezzanine flooring and stairs.


Since multi-tier racking has extremely thick storage space, you could keep large amounts of stocks in one unit with a fairly small size.


Mezzanine Flooring


With this storage alternative, you’re essentially building a second floor over existing aisles to add additional shelving area. You have the option to include 2 and even 3 levels of mezzanine flooring.


This is best custom-made designed and installed by experts. It must be fitted with bespoke systems for simple integration with any storage situations.


Since you have options, what next?


Select the Best Stockroom Storage System


Should you go with a Colby pallet racking, mobile shelving, or mezzanine flooring? The solution heavily relies on the following factors:


  • Optimum budget for a storage space or racking solution
  • Total room size and ceiling height
  • Number of different items that should be stored
  • Frequency with which items that should be accessed
  • Product service or use life
  • Required vehicle accessibility when elevated platforms are used


Consider all these aspects to identify the best warehouse storage system for your business. If you choose pallet racking, you will find Australian Colby pallet racking that will surely suit your needs at