Friday, April 3

Why you should consider car sound deadening

Cars have had massive technological improvements over the years and they have drastically increased riding experience tremendously. A lot of these changes are invisible to the average consumer but have a huge impact nonetheless. One of these is car insulation and the subsequent introduction of sound deadeners, like these from But what are they and what do they do?

What is car sound deadening

Sound Deadeners or Constraint-Layer Dampening (CLD) is a type of butyl-based flexible sheet that is used to dampen noise inside vehicles. They have a layer of aluminum on one side and a sticky adhesive side that is used to adhere the material to the metal panels. CLDs are a popular sound dampening solution for enthusiasts as they are durable, cost-effective and easy to install.

Before sound deadeners became available, bitumen sheets were used as sound absorbers. However, they were not very durable as they tend to stiffen and become brittle over time. They were a challenge to install to as they needed heat to adhere⁠—which releases harmful fumes⁠—and were limited to flat surfaces.

How does it work?

Sound is produced by materials that vibrate. These vibrations then produce sound waves that get transferred to your ear through the air. As the car is running, some parts can vibrate a little which gets amplified by the metal frame and wall. Add to this the closed space of the inside of a car and you get a very uncomfortable ride.

Sound deadeners⁠—like the ones from⁠—add thickness and padding to the metal frame to absorb these tiny vibrations. The added thickness also stops the metal sheets from vibrating themselves due to the added structure. This leads to a quieter interior which can drastically improve your riding experience.

What are the benefits of sound deadeners?

Sound deadeners is a game-changer when it hit the shelves. They offered a few key benefits that their predecessor lacked. Here are some of them.

Improved sound quality

Avid car audio enthusiasts rave about how their setup drastically improved after installing CLDs. The sound absorption and anti-vibration properties prevent the metal sheets and any loose parts from resonating which results in that “tin can” effect. The sound becomes clearer and not rattling noise making for a premium experience.

Reduce rattling

The elimination of minute vibrations and rattling makes the car feel more solid and premium that it actually is. The car is quieter which gives off that premium luxury experience that you get from much more expensive vehicles.

Minimizes road noise

The wheels hitting the road as you drive in itself produce droning noise that gets transferred into the car interior when no sound insulation is used. This quite loud drone makes conversations and phone calls quite uncomfortable as you need to talk louder in order to hear each other. The noise can also induce jet-lag like effects in the body which why you feel tired after a long road trip. Sound deadeners are great at absorbing this noise which makes for better riding experience.

Whether you want to give your car audio a massive boost in sound quality or you just want to have quieter riding experience, sound deadeners⁠—like those from⁠—got you covered.